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Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland - How Social Media Marketing Can Work For You

Social media sites have gained popularity and are a fixture in everyday life for many people around the world. Maureen Edwards Baltimore Maryland understands that they can also be an effective marketing tool for small and large businesses alike. She has over 20 years of experience working with businesses in marketing and sales and has adapted over that time to market trends, like the increase of social media sites. There are ways that business owners can use these sites to build a great customer base and increase sales.

Develop a content strategy: you cannot have a strong social media presence without quality, interesting content that consumers will want to read or watch. This strategy should include not just the type of content but also the time of day the content should be posted and how frequently it should be posted. All three of these are important aspects to a successful social media content strategy.

Allocate resources responsibly: social media marketing can be a lot more effective if there is a budget to increase the likelihood that content will be seen. Set out with a plan and budget and access regularly if you are meeting the original goals set or some part of the equation needs to be tweaked to be more effective.

Assign roles: just like making sure you are using your money effectively, ensure your time (or your employees’ time) is being spent effectively as well. Divide up aspects of the work to suit each person’s skills and knowledge.

With these simple but helpful planning tools, your business can grow organically through the use of social media marketing. Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland gives advice on a wide variety of marketing techniques to her clients and business partners.

Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland - How Small Businesses Can Grow with SCORE

Maureen Edwards from Baltimore, Maryland has worked in a variety of sectors of the sales and marketing fields for over two decades. She is passionate about her work and loves to help businesses grow. Whether it is strengthening the branding of a company or expanding their client base, Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland take pride in the work she does for companies large and small.

Her passion for her work led her to volunteer with SCORE, a nonprofit organization that helps small businesses get off the ground, achieve their goals, and grow their business through the mentorship and education SCORE and its over 11,000 volunteers have to offer.

SCORE works in partnership with the United States Small Business Administration and is able to offer services at little or no cost because of the hard work of its volunteer mentors who have expertise in 62 different industries. They hold free or inexpensive workshops and chapter events at the over 320 chapters across the US to educate small business owners. They even offer online webinars and confidential business counseling via email and in person.

The volunteer mentors consult on a wide variety of business aspects and strategies like laws and legalities, planning, market research and analytics, marketing, investment funding, branding, sales strategies, and business operations.

Maureen Edwards from Baltimore, Maryland is a certified nationwide business advisor and loves giving her time and advice for new business owners so they can reach their dreams. SCORE not only helps individuals reach their goal of owning their own business, their work helps provide jobs and foster local economies across the nation.


Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland - Branding vs. Marketing - What’s The Difference?

Maureen Edwards from Baltimore, Maryland is a marketing and sales expert who helps businesses large and small increase sales and growth through various techniques. She understands business structure from top to bottom, small company or huge conglomerate. It takes a keen eye and a deep understanding of industry techniques to be able to help such a wide variety of people. She understands the importance of branding and marketing to the success of a company. Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland has had many customers that don’t fully understand the distinct difference between marketing and branding and why it matters to have strong plans for both.

At their core, marketing and branding are very different but are similar in some ways. Branding is the expression of the value or truth of the company, service, or product. Marketing is the messaging used to sell that product, service, or company. Think of marketing as the push and branding as the pull, both are important and it is difficult for one to exist without the other.

Branding is more foundational than marketing. Although marketing can help to get new customers in the door and into a new industry, branding is what build life-long customers to a particular company or organization. For example, Ford’s new marketing techniques get someone to buy their car for the first time, but its brand develops a relationship with the customer so they only want to buy Ford cars in the future.

Developing an effective branding strategy is much more difficult than coming up with a good marketing plan because it is made up of so many things; it involves the way customers feel about the company and not just why they should buy it over the competition.

Many professionals, like Maureen Edwards Baltimore Maryland, specialize in marketing and branding that can increase a company’s growth and customer base.

Maureen Edwards Of Baltimore Maryland - Working With My Girlfriend’s House

Maureen Edwards is a marketing professional who gives back to the Baltimore, Maryland community and surrounding areas, including participating in charity work in the nation’s capital. She is the Senior Executive Director of Marketing, Communications & Outreach of My Girlfriend’s House in Washington, D.C. The organization provides resources and aid to at-risk female youth in the area. The organization’s mission is “to empower young girls living in poverty to break the cycle and maintain a positive understanding of self-worth, confidence, and professional advancement.”

Maureen Edwards Baltimore Maryland is happy to work with an organization that has such a positive impact on the lives of young women. In just a single year, My Girlfriend’s House mentors and empowers over 3000 young girls, providing interactive and educational workshops that provide a platform for girls to venture beyond their current situations and strive for a life of independence and success.

Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland - Praise from


Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland is a twenty-year veteran of the marketing and brand development fields. Having spent a majority of said time with pharmaceutical companies, she has a proven track record of success that has helped excel her career with every new challenge. Below is just one example of the praise she has received for her hard work, diligence and devotion to growing brands and developing business:

“I had the pleasure to work with Maureen at both Luitpold Pharmaceuticals and GSK. Maureen was a great partner to work with as she has strong work ethic, highly effective presentations skills, and takes 100% responsibility for everything she does. Maureen's performance was always near the top winning multiple awards including GSK's Diamond Tier Winner Circle award, the true indicator of her effectiveness. Maureen would be an excellent addition to any organization looking for a sales leader that takes ownership of the business with their eye on being the best in class. I recommend Maureen without hesitation”. -Bill Chrencik (Senior District Business Manager - GSK)

Maureen Edwards lives in Baltimore, Maryland; and she has helped numerous startups in the region grow and become the household names that they are today. She also volunteers with local charities and works as an advisor for SCORE.

Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland -

Contributions at Tasly

Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland is a marketing, communications and business development specialist who has made many contributions to startup companies, including working as the Director of Marketing, Sales & Commercial Operations (North American and China) for Tasly Pharmaceuticals in Rockville, MD.

While working at Tasly, Edwards created and directed impactful, go-to integrated traditional, digital, content & buzz marketing, reaching multiple audiences and increasing brand awareness, lead generation and sales. She negotiated contracts with key retail chains, HCPs, payer groups and employer groups, resulting in contracts for national distribution of nutraceuticals in over 8,000 retail stores, 500 cardiology clinics and government PX and exchange stores.

Edwards also conducted & analyzed market research, performed commercial viability studies, and calculated & mitigated risk for new joint ventures and product purchase, leading to a projected $115 million in new revenue, both domestically and internationally. She planned and fiscally managed a $5-million-dollar marketing and sales budget and reported data analytics.

At Tasly, Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland was the key decision maker to the establishment of company & department goals, policies, procedures, quality standards, and safety standards. She partnered closely with executives and team leaders across the company to define organizational best practices and to plan/execute complex communications both domestically and internationally.

Maureen Edwards - Baltimore, Maryland Marketing Consultant on Changes to the Healthcare Industry Caused by the ACA

Maureen Edwards is marketing consultant and business strategist based in Baltimore, Maryland. Many of her clients over her 20-year career were healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. She has extensive experience dealing with the consequences of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the context of her clients. She has lectured in many settings on the Affordable Care Act and its impact on healthcare to thousands of stakeholders, including healthcare providers, medical societies, pharmacists, teaching hospitals, and hospital administrators. She has extensive experience advising biotech and pharmaceutical companies over the years. Here are three major effects the ACA has had on the healthcare industry so far:

  • Millions of Americans now have coverage. Tens of millions of uninsured Americans have signed up for healthcare using the healthcare marketplace set up by the ACA. Maureen Edwards has seen the effects near her home in Baltimore, Maryland. People now have access to high-quality health insurance because of the massive Medicaid expansion approved by the ACA, their employers, and the marketplace.
  • Free or low-cost healthcare. Millions of uninsured Americans who qualify now have access to free or low-cost healthcare through the ACA. Some qualify for out-of-pocket cost reductions through the marketplace.
  • New taxes. The healthcare industry has to pay for some of the new ACA rules, as do high-earners across the country. Maureen Edwards has seen the effects of these new taxes at providers and other parties in Baltimore, Maryland.

Over the years Maureen Edwards has helped many local healthcare providers and other stakeholders in Baltimore, Maryland including Health Administrators (ACOs), Urgent Care Clinics, pharmacies and Employer Groups to adjust to the new ACA rules through lectures, seminars and business strategy workshops. Maureen Edwards also assists in solution based and value proposition training programs for the pharmaceutical industry on the Affordable Care Act and additional topics such as the Sunshine Act, Clinical and Patient Outcome Program and the Managed Care Primer.


Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland - Three Ways to Create an Integrated Marketing Campaign


Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland has been a professional marketing strategy coordinator and business analyst for over 20 years. She has worked for many different companies, most recently for Tasly Pharmaceuticals, a Chinese biotech company. She helped design the brand and execute the marketing and funding plans for the company that has resulted in profitable medical and business partnerships, a large and immediate increase in revenue, and the crafting of plans for the company’s portfolio. Throughout her career, Edwards has been in charge of creating integrated marketing campaigns for new and established companies around the world with great success. Here are three essential actions you have to perform to create an integrated marketing campaign for your company:


  • Learn about your target audience. One of the first things that Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland asks her clients is, “who is your ideal customer?” This question forces you to think about who specifically your products and services appeal to the most. College kids? Single moms? Stay at home dads? Once you have an idea of who will be buying your products or services, you can focus your marketing efforts on materials that will appeal specifically to them.
  • Choose channels wisely. Not every brand or company needs to appear on Facebook, Twitter, and in magazines. Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland urges her clients to focus their marketing budgets on media channels that their target audiences are more likely to use.
  • Keep it consistent. All materials in a marketing campaign should have the same design and look. This serves to remind your customers of your brand constantly and avoids confusion. This means more than slapping your logo on everything; all of your marketing materials must create the same feeling in your target audience.


Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland has extensive experience crafting effective marketing campaigns.



Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland - Three Keys to Developing a Brand

Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland is a marketing and commercial strategy master who has worked with many companies to develop their brand and their business strategy to take advantage of their foothold in the market. Edwards has mastered the complexities of business strategy for all kinds of businesses, from start-ups to billion dollar conglomerates with departments and divisions around the world. Edwards has worked mostly with pharmaceutical companies around the world for over 20 years, and she has developed some of the most effective ways to develop a brand for a company:

  • Focus on a single brand first. It’s tempting to create separate branding identities for all of your company’s different divisions, department and divisions, but when you’re just starting out, you need to focus all of your budget and energy into creating one brand for your company that represents all of its operations and products.
  • Grab the URL. Getting an easy-to-use URL for your company website is critical to guaranteeing that customers will be able to easily find your company on the Internet. Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland suggests to start-ups that they look through registration engine sites like when brainstorming brand names so you can scoop up the URL quickly.
  • Keep the brand simple. You should be able to show a visual representation of your brand in an easy to recognize logo and explain why your brand is different from your competition in 30 seconds. Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland tells her clients to develop simple, easy to understand brands.

Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland has experience with many different medical and pharmaceutical companies, including time in Hospital Account Management and Processing, Neurology, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and more.


 Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland - What is Owned Media and How Can You Get It?

Maureen Edwards from Baltimore, Maryland is a marketing expert with over 20 years of experience in the field. Between inventing and marketing her own products, to branding and re-branding products for large companies, Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland understands the process from start to finish in marketing and sales. Knowing how to build a customer base to increase profits is integral to the success of a business. And developing those customers through the internet has never been more important. With the internet now a part of everyday life, businesses have to adapt to the online market or they risk losing a large part of their customers to technology-friendly companies.

One of the benefits to having a strong online presence is owned media. This is the type of web content that is unique to your brand and you, as the business owner, can control. The most common example of owned media is a business’s own website, but social media pages and blogs are also included in this definition. Expanding your owned media will not only help with keeping your message on track but will also help to expand your customer base. The more media sources you have, the more potential customers you can reach.

So increase your owned media as much as possible. Get on social networking sites, and make sure they are linked back to your website where customers can buy your product or service, or learn more about your company. Get creative by writing a blog or posting some videos online to give customers a more in depth look and why they should choose your business.

Maureen Edwards from Baltimore, Maryland helps business large and small expand their owned media and increase their customer base.